What are the ways of not letting the post-lockdown burnout get to you?

Pandemic burnout

Recognizing stress that has been piling up during the weeks of lockdown is essentially important to be able to find the right remedies for burnout.

Pandemic burnout affects almost everyone: how to avoid it

The growing diffusion of working from home allows you to manage your tasks at best, or so it should be so. In reality, the situation is more complicated than one might think. The risk is in fact that of never disconnecting.

As highlighted by numerous studies, 40% of workers complain of problems related to stress due to work from home, around the clock (burnout). There is also a lack of understanding of the problem and a tendency to hide it for fear of being cut off from career opportunities or not meeting the understanding of colleagues and superiors.

Burnout syndrome: three obvious signs

For more complicated projects, things can appear particularly complicated. The secret is to break down the project into smaller blocks and tackle them gradually. This leads to the next step: setting priorities, which is essential for proceeding in an orderly manner and not leaving the most important things behind. Finally, we must learn to aim for results and not the time spent to obtain them. For some projects and in some moments you will have to work more, but in other moments you can loosen the rope and you can afford more breaks. Understanding the right pace allows you to achieve more without risking unnecessary sources of stress.

Experts have identified the major symptoms of burnout and ways to prevent them. Other symptoms include:

  • Excess of cynicism at work,
  • Low energy and insufficient productivity,
  • Lack of satisfaction once the set goals have been achieved,
  • Listlessness, change in sleep habits or appetite,
  • Headache, back pain or other physical pain.

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Prevention of burnout following the lockdown

As for the best ways to prevent employee stress, an employer could do a lot, including in productivity preservation optics. First, you can try to prioritize quality over the amount of time spent in front of the computer. Consider acquiring new skills in case of repeated overtime.

Considering the well-being of workers of any type as important, impacting on the corporate culture and granting holidays even for those who work remotely, which is not always obvious. Learn to limit communication outside working hours, not allowing the sending of emails and giving precise boundaries. Furthermore, it is the manager’s task to ensure that everyone is well within the company, identifying any symptoms of stress and managing personalized assistance in the event of burnout. Define your own pace, organize your work and aim for results to avoid falling into the burnout trap.

To stay focused and not get overwhelmed by commitments, it is good to keep your mind clear and write down the things to do. There are those who prefer pen and paper to do it, those who love the electronic diary and specially designed apps. In any case, not trying to remember everything will help you feel lighter. Another goal for not giving in to stress is to have a well-defined program, everything should have its own timing and the routine should be well-timed. This does not mean that you cannot be flexible, but simply be organized.

Best supplements for burnout management

Taking care of yourself makes you more creative and successful, which is why working long hours in a row and ending the day exhausted is not good for anyone. The risk of burnout is around the corner, but it can be avoided if you maintain certain clarity.

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Remember that you need to consult your doctor in order to confirm the benefits of any food supplement in your case. Although these vitamins are naturally produced, they can cause adverse reactions and have their contraindications.