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  • Jan 31
    Submit your application by this date to be considered for the next WINGS Investor Meeting.
  • Feb 20
    Investor Led Conference for Seattle Area Entrepreneurs - Sparking the Flame of Angel Investing in The Northwest
  • Apr 18
    Save the date! April 18-20, 2018 is the “don’t-miss” event for angel investors, the 2018 ACA Summit. It is the largest professional development event in the world for angels, with gold standard content and top networking opportunities for the 700 people who are there.

Who We Are

WINGS is a unique community, dedicated to supporting the medical technology community in its most critical stages by providing seed and early stage funding. Since its formation in 2010, WINGS has evaluated hundreds of medical technology companies from around the region, investing over $11 million in 27 companies to date.


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