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  • Oct 24
    Our discussion will include why companies should be sold, not bought (and what that actually means), the benefits of running a structured process that generates multiple bidders and exploits inefficient market dynamics to maximize your selling price, as well as how mentors, angel investors and directors can contribute to the exit process.
  • Oct 26
    From ACA: No matter how young a company may be, cybersecurity is a critical business concern for investors and the portfolio companies in which they invest. The portfolio company’s intellectual property, reputation and business practices are at stake. This webinar discusses which risks are most concerning, what the possible implications are, and how to implement risk management best practices. Our speakers include experienced angel investor, Charles Cameron of Hub Angels, Risk Management expert Carl Metzger from Goodwin Procter, and Phil Mason, founder and CEO of Angel Assure.

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  • Oct 27
    Cascadia Venture Forum (CVF) is a collaborative initiative to cultivate a thriving innovation cluster of life science start-ups throughout the Pacific Northwest by providing access to angel capital, mentorship and networking opportunities.

    Attend the CVF Seattle Summit on Thursday, Oct 27th, 1:00 – 5:00 PM at Cambia Grove. Register now at

  • Oct 28
    Life Science Washington is proud to present the 12th annual Governor’s Life Sciences Summit and Annual Meeting where leaders from Washington State’s life sciences community gather to celebrate our successes and discuss what’s ahead for our industry. See below for this years’ event features!
  • Nov 2
    From ACA: Every investor’s nightmare is the companies that don’t succeed, but don’t die either. How can investors extract value from some of the companies that have overstayed their welcome in angel investor portfolios? In this lively webinar, network and fund managers alike will learn unique approaches to exiting companies whose revenue graphs didn’t end up going “up and to the right.” Parker MacDonell and Michael Kindrat-Pratt of Ohio TechAngel Fund and John Harbison of Tech Coast Angels will share their experiences and ideas including a Dutch auction, selling shares back to the company, or setting up a “Lost Causes” fund and more ways to get the “Un-exitables” out of your living room.

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  • Nov 2
    The Alliance of Angels Pitch Clinic is an educational event tailored specifically to entrepreneurs on how to effectively pitch a startup business plan to angel investors.

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  • Nov 15
    The Alliance of Angels Pitch Clinic is an educational event tailored specifically to entrepreneurs on how to effectively pitch a startup business plan to angel investors.
  • Nov 16
    Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of an angel investor? Now is your chance! Join Alliance of Angels Chair Dan Rosen along with experienced angels and AoA members Johnna Hobgood, Dennis Adler, and Marek Omilian for this one-hour panel discussion. Josh Williams, Executive Vice President and Chief Banking Officer at Seattle Bank will moderate this session where entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain feedback from some of AoA’s most experienced angel investors.
  • Dec 7
    Join Alliance of Angels for an interactive workshop with Geoff Entress, Vice Chair of the Alliance of Angels and Managing Director of Pioneer Square Labs. Josh Williams from Seattle Bank will join Geoff in a conversation about trends in startup financing, angel investing and venture capital, as well as answer any questions you may have.

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