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Upcoming Events

  • Oct 17
    The webinar will be a comprehensive overview of each section of a private financing term sheet. The content is geared towards life science senior executives and business development professionals who may be intimidated by and/or are interested in learning more about each of the sections of a term sheet and the purpose for its inclusion.
  • Nov 9
    Join us for an interactive session with Kevin Cable, who will share an in-depth overview of the future of the healthcare market and the major changes driving Clinical Care, Consumer Health, Wellness and Disease Prevention.
  • Nov 14
    During the investor meeting, multiple investment opportunities are presented, including two to four new opportunities and updates from portfolio companies. The dinner also provides a wonderful networking environment with investors, industry experts, and serial entrepreneurs.
  • Nov 15
    The Seattle Angel Conference is an investor led event, connecting Entrepreneurs and new Angel Investors.
  • Nov 16
    Are you fundraising for your startup? Learn how to pitch like a pro to investors at this interactive workshop hosted by veteran angel investor Gregg Bennett and K&L Gates Fellow Eva Ying Wu.
  • Nov 29
    Join Yi-Jian Ngo from the Alliance of Angels for an interactive workshop on startup valuation. We will walk thru some practical guidelines and three specific methods that entrepreneurs can use to guide their valuation negotiations.

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WINGS is a unique community, dedicated to supporting the medical technology community in its most critical stages by providing seed and early stage funding. Since its formation in 2010, WINGS has evaluated hundreds of medical technology companies from around the region, investing over $11 million in 23 companies to date.


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