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Q2 WINGS Applications Due
Q2 WINGS 1 Page Application Due

E-mail 1 page Application to Sabrina Kamran (wingsmedtech@gmail.com).
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Investor Meetings

WINGS investor meetings are held four times a year, during which two to four business opportunities are presented. Any opportunity presented receives rigorous screening by the WINGS Screening Committee composed of local medical technology experts. The Screening Committee will only consider opportunities in the areas of Therapeutic and Diagnostic Devices, Healthcare IT, Healthcare Delivery Models, and unregulated biotechnology development tools.

Industry Events

As part of the larger investor and life science community in Washington State, WINGS will post community events of interest to investors and entrepreneurs including informational, educational and networking events. If you have an upcoming event that you would like featured please contact us.

Quarterly Events

Industry Events

ACA 2019 Summit
More than ever, angel investors are seeing changes in how we invest in 2019. How do we lead that innovation and change? How do we ensure the best investing and entrepreneurial culture for the next generations? And what are the best practices that should endure through all of the change?

The annual Angel Capital Association Summit is the world’s premier professional development event for angel investors. ACA members, other accredited investors, professionals in the startup ecosystem, and the media are invited to attend the event in Chicago.
Q2 Investor Meeting
Q2 Investor Dinner Meeting. Contact Sabrina Kamran (wingsmedtech@gmail.com) for invitation.
Q3 Investor Meeting
Q3 Investor Dinner Meeting. Contact Sabrina Kamran (wingsmedtech@gmail.com) for invitation.


Stefan J.M. Kraemer, MD, MBA
Surgeon, serial entrepreneur, Corporate VP of Medical Affairs
"When we first conceived the concept of WINGS - focused peer-support of new and serial entrepreneurs, backed by a strong screening committee, guided and supported by WBBA, working closely with U of W and local business leaders across all disciplines, graciously being provided access to numerous Rolodexes of successful partners and friends - we believed we were onto something that would have the potential to help the local medical device and life science community to bring new and exciting therapies and treatments to an ever increasing patient population in need. What we didn't expect was that the enthusiasm of the greater Northwest life science community to showcase new medical devices and healthcare-associated business ideas, the constantly growing interest of life science angel investors, and the passionate work of WINGS members and teams would turn the not-for-profit organization WINGS into a leading organization to help enable medical device and life science innovation at an unforeseen scale beyond its originally intended local reach."