The 2Morrow Behavior Change Engine™ powers a suite of research-based, behavior change programs & apps that help people form better habits and change behaviors that are holding them back. From the award-winning Healthy Habits app, to our new SmartQuit smoking cessation program, 2Morrow is leading the way in mobilizing behavior change.

Adaptive Biotechnologies
Adaptive is at the forefront of immune-based discoveries, combining high-throughput sequencing and expert bioinformatics to profile T-cell and B-cell receptors. We bring the accuracy and sensitivity of our immunosequencing platform into laboratories around the world to drive groundbreaking research.

Aqueduct Neurosciences, Inc. was founded with the mission to improve the treatment of neurological disorders related to the production and regulation of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). By utilizing our proprietary technology, we will improve the implantable shunts that are used to treat patients with hydrocephalus.

Cadence Biomedical

Cadence Biomedical has developed Kickstart, an easy-to-use neurorehabilitation device designed to accelerate walking recovery and functional improvements following a stroke, spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions.

Cardiac Insight
Cardiac Insight, Inc., founded in 2008, develops and sells products used for unique diagnostics centered around ECG technology. Product areas include wearable sensors to detect life-threatening arrhythmia in ambulatory patients of all ages and innovative devices that help a physician determine the risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in athletes and active individuals.

CurvaFix is developing a novel solution for an unmet need in pelvic trauma.

Cyrus Biotechnology

Accelerating BioPharma with powerful protein modeling and design tools on the cloud. Cyrus delivers the most scientifically advanced, powerful, and easy-to-use protein structure prediction and protein design software available. We are passionate about scientific excellence, operational excellence, and user success.


Healionics is addressing the critical need for improved means of dialysis access in patients with kidney failure.


H-Source is a cloud-based marketplace for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASC’s) to buy and sell medical products and equipment with each other. Medical Facilities face multiple issues that negatively impact operating margins and create unnecessary waste.

Impel Neuropharma

Impel NeuroPharma was founded with a mission to enable drugs to bypass the blood brain barrier. Co-founders Rodney Ho, Ph.D., John Hoekman, Ph.D., and Michael Hite began their work together in 2008 at the University of Washington, and developed a technical concept into an enabling, commercializable technology.

Innovative Dental Technologies

Innovative Dental Technologies was founded on the foundation of our flagship product, ReLeaf. Our goal is to always listen, improve & create, dental devices and products that benefit the patient, practice & practitioner.

LaunchPad Medical LLC

Tetranite™ is an injectable, synthetic biomaterial and will be the world’s first bioresorbable bone adhesive that has instant adhesive strength to treat fractured bone and stabilize metal hardware in compromised bone through less invasive procedures.


Madorra is working towards changing the paradigm for treating vaginal dryness, by providing a medical device solution to a problem that has previously only been served by pharmaceuticals.

Magnolia Medical

Magnolia Medical Technologies is focused on improving patient safety, reducing unnecessary expenses and increasing hospital bed availability by decreasing false positive blood


Novuson is developing its Direct Therapeutic Ultrasound (DTU) technology platform for coagulation and hemostatic control in surgical and trauma procedures.

OtoNexus Medical Technologies

OtoNexus Medical Technologies, Inc. is commercializing a ground-breaking, patented, medical device to rapidly and accurately diagnose middle ear infections, called Otitis Media (OM), in children and adults.

Monitor Mask

Monitor Mask produces oxygen face masks that provide superior CO2 sampling capabilities for anesthesia to address modern medical practice requirements.


Pillsy is a smart pill bottle and app that is like having a personal assistant for your vitamins and medications.


PotaVida‘s mission is to create products for the disaster response and international development sector that accurately capture usage data and distill it into actionable reports, like a Fitbit for foreign aid. Their first product is a sunlight-driven household water purifier that electronically records usage.

Precision Image Analysis (PIA)

Precision Image Analysis (PIA) provides an innovative remote image post-processing analysis service for use in diagnostic medical studies, including CT and MRI. HIPAA compliant IT architecture enables you to upload images, monitor, track, retrieve and edit analyses remotely. PIA expertly-trained analysts deliver results in as few as 30 minutes.


Sonavex is committed to improving outcomes for surgical patients by using cutting-edge imaging technology to provide clinicians with visualization of critical data — directly at the point of care.

TransformativeMed (T4M)
TransformativeMed (T4M) is a healthcare technology company committed to improving patient outcomes and provider efficiency by extending the functionality of the electronic medical record.

Valant was founded in 2005 to provide behavioral health professionals with cloud-based software to streamline administration and empower what’s most important: improving patient care. Inspired by the fact that technology has transformed all of our lives in meaningful ways, Valant has reinvented the behavioral health platform.

Viket Medical

Viket is advancing intracranial hemorrhage evacuation with real-time imaging. Join us in solving this critical healthcare need, while dramatically reducing its cost.