Accelerating Technology Innovation


WINGS meetings are held four times per year, during which two to four business opportunities are presented. WINGS has a three step screening process including a short application, detailed application and in-person screening committee meeting.


Non-Washington based companies applying for funding should have either a Washington state connection (i.e. Board member, Investors, Team members based in Washington) or a local lead investor in their area.


Companies applying to WINGS should:

  • Have an unmet need and market that is scalable
  • Demonstrate technical feasibility
  • Show it is a good business for investment
  • Have traction and/or external credibility
  • If applicable: Have regulatory and/or reimbursement pathway strategy or approval
  • Have IP protection and/or barrier to entry
  • Have an exit strategy
  • Be prepared to begin due diligence after the WINGS investor meeting


Cyrus Biotechnology
Lucas Nivon, PhD
CEO, Cyrus Biotechnology
Cyrus was founded with investment from the W Fund and Angels in WINGS. Through WINGS we were able to find investors with a crucial combination of capital and know-how in Biotech and product development. A number of our WINGS angels have played various roles as advisers for Cyrus, including in Biotech business development strategy, product quality control and generally in broadening our network in Puget Sound and beyond.
John T. Kupice
CEO, H-Source
Two years ago H-Source was referred to WINGS while we were in the market raising growth capital. We had multiple meetings with Chris Perez, Brady Ryan,  and Christiana DelloRusso as part of the due diligence and vetting process for presenting to WINGS. We found the process to be helpful for fine tuning our business plan and messaging. H-Source was selected to present and we were able to raise capital from our presentation. The capital that we raised with WINGS allowed us to make it to our IPO of 3M later that year. I would encourage other businesses seeking funding to work with WINGS. At the end of the WINGS process, the business will be in a better position. Thank you for your help!