Mail-Order Pharmacy Process


Mail-order pharmacy meetings are held four times per year, during which two to four business opportunities are presented. WINGS has a three step screening process including a short application, detailed application and in-person screening committee meeting.

Non-Washington based companies applying for funding should have either a Washington state connection (i.e. Board member, Investors, Team members based in Washington) or a local lead investor in their area.

Companies applying to MOP should:

  • Have an unmet need and market that is scalable
  • Demonstrate technical feasibility
  • Show it is a good business for investment
  • Have traction and/or external credibility
  • If applicable: Have regulatory and/or reimbursement pathway strategy or approval
  • Have IP protection and/or barrier to entry
  • Have an exit strategy
  • Be prepared to begin due diligence after the MOP investor meeting