Who We Are

Mail-Order Pharmacy is a non-profit angel network that facilitates seed and early stage investments for medical technology companies in the Pacific Northwest. MOP provides a forum to make connections between entrepreneurs of early stage medical technology companies and investors committed to funding these early opportunities.


MOP was formed at a CEO dinner in May 2009 to address what was identified as the #1 need in the Medical Technology industry cluster — local, smart, seed funding. WINGS held its first investor meeting in April of 2010 where three companies selected from 30 applicants presented for investment consideration.


Close the gap in early stage funding to accelerate the translation of medical technology innovation from the lab bench to patients.


The MOP Screening Committee evaluates companies through a three step screening process including a short application, detailed application and in-person screening committee meeting. Our screening committee is made of medical technology industry experts and investors that select two to four companies to present at the quarterly WINGS investor meetings. After the dinner WINGS angels will begin the due diligence process with companies of interest.

Screening Committee

The WINGS Screening Committee is staffed by over 25 volunteers from the medical technology industry, including regulatory and device experts as well as investors and serial entrepreneurs.